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Ep. 39. The FINAL show with Special Guest, Elizabeth Claire Taylor, founder of Curvy Beach!

Elizabeth Taylor is the designer of the first-ever string bikini for plus-size women, she is a plus-size model (modelling looks for Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, Macy's and other household names) and she is an advocate for body positive lifestyles and giving yourself permission to SHINE no matter your size.

Jenn and Elizabeth talk ALL THINGS 2017!! From Elizabeth's experience at the Javit's Center on that fateful night Nov 8th, her professional life hitting a HIGH (12 million views on a video about her bikini's!) to her personal life serving up one of the most challenges moments of her life, at the height of her success...

This show is all about honoring the SPACE that is required when growth is right around the corner. It's not always easy, and it's certainly unpredictable...but as Elizabeth shares throughout her story, she can't imagine her life if she DIDN'T take the risks that got her to where she is today. 


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Ep. 38 Why I'm Letting It All Go

Join us for today's episode where Jenn will be making a BIG announcement pertaining to the show!

An announcement that, in some ways, has been in the works for quite some time...and in other ways feels like it came out of NO WHERE.

#Alignment has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes.

We ask for change. We pray for signs. We do the work.
And then...we're asked to TRUST. To take ACTION and to take the next step...even when the consecutive steps have yet to reveal themselves.

Today's show will undoubtedly serve up some #accidental #inspiration that might be JUST the #sign you've been waiting for to do what you KNOW you've gotta do to move into 2018 with clarity, purpose, intention and TRUST.

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Ep. 37 What's The DEAL With Mercury Retrograde? (with Special Guest Danielle Mercurio!)

Have you ever found yourself shaking your fist at the sky screaming "Damn you Mercury Retrograaaade!!" (no? just me?) Well, in case this isn't just MY favorite past time of passing the buck and blaming my problems on a planet in the sky that could or couldn't be the reason my computer crashed 3 times while trying to add this info to this page (yes, really.) I brought in a woman who can help us debunk what the whole Mercury Retrograde thing is all about!

Danielle is here to teach us WHAT Mercury's deal is and HOW we can DANCE with the energy with more ease, grace and ALLOWANCE of why it's happening in the first place.

Check out today's show and learn how YOU can make the most out of this celestial pattern!


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Ep. 36 Why You Should Live Life Like A Christmas Romcom

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to watch a Christmas romantic comedy...even though you love to hate them? Jenn was wondering that same thing this past weekend as she pressed play on her 3rd Christmas romcom in a row on Netflix...but she realized that these cheesy little movies actually DO add value (and life lessons) to the conversation!

Check out today's episode to hear Jenn talk about the plot of one of the ridiculously fabulous movies she watched over the weekend, and learn why YOU should live life like it's a Christmas romcom!



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Ep. 35 The Thanksgiving Episode!

No one really knows how it's Thanksgiving already, but here we let's chat #gratitude, shall we?!

This week Jenn is sharing her #1 tip for using #gratitude to change your life. #nobiggie

But. for. reeeeeal tho!

If you're looking to show up in the world as more of...YOU...this #tip is gonna be a game-changer, and it's something you can implement RIGHT AWAY!!




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Ep. 34 How to Integrate All of YOU into Your Work

If you're a #multipassionate #creative #entrepreneur this episode is for YOU!
Do you HATE hearing the advice "pick one thing and stick to that"?

Yea, we do too.

Not cuz there isn't some #truth in that (there's something to be said about focused #intention) - but because the LAST thing you need to hear is someone *seemingly* telling you to shut off certain parts of WHO you are, and HOW you want to show up in the world.

That's why Jenn shares EXACTLY how she integrates ALL of who she is in her life and career.
There is an integration. A TRUST. A willingness to be SEEN.

There is also doubt, at times, that you better not be TOO seen...or TOO integrated...or shine TOO bright. Because...well...what if you let it ALL out, and it's met with scrutiny, judgment and shame?

While those fears don't feel real (most of the time) Jenn's journey of integrating ALL of who she is in her work and life is a never ending story...
Even though there is ALWAYS more room to grow, Jenn has learned a few things along the way that might help YOU start, or continue, to integrate more of YOUR true essence into EVERY area of your life, and career.

Ep. 33 NO-VEMBER: A Game To Get What You Want

Jenn talks about a lil game she's playing throughout the month of November...and she wants YOU to play along too!

It's called NO-VEMBER: A Game To Get What You Want This Holiday Season...And BEYOND!

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2. Add your name to the EXCEL SHEET that's posted @ the TOP of the SOUL SEEKERS COLLECTIVE FB GROUP

3. Collect & Tally up your NO's all month long!

4. CHANGE THE GAME on the word NO in your world and watch the MAGIC unfold!!!



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Ep. 32 The Art of Networking with the Founder of Six Degrees Society

Jenn Talks with the founder of Six Degrees Society, Emily Merrell, about her experience in growing her networking company from 1 city to 10 inside of just 2 years, how that journey unfolded and how Emily is changing the GAME when it comes to networking events!

Six Degrees Society is a women's networking organization that connects like-minded women through monthly programming. 


Ep. 31 How To SHINE with LOLO

Jenn talks with Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, LOLO, about all things SHINING...and what it takes to do that in today's world as an artist, singer, songwriter and creative soul.


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Ep. 30 How to Bring More Travel and Adventure into Your Life with special guest GOAL Traveler

Jenn is joined by the founders of GOAL Traveler, Marc & Cydny, to explore how ANYONE can start experiencing more ADVENTURE in their life, right NOW!

Whether you are on a budget, on a time-crunch, have NO idea where you wanna go, or know EXACTLY where you wanna go...GOAL Traveler's got ya covered!

Marc & Cydny (referred to as "The V's") are an ordinary couple with an extraordinary desire to travel. From hostels in South America to 5-star hotels in Singapore, they believe an adventure can be obtained anywhere, on any budget, and any lifestyle preference. Their travels currently include 6 continents, 30 countries, and 33 states.

Together they hope to inspire others to join the movement in stepping outside of their comfort zones to discover new cultures, indulge in new dishes, and to ”just go”.

Ep. 28 How To Create MOVEMENT in Your Body and Your Life with Erin Stutland

Jenn talks with mind-body wellness and fitness expert, Erin Stutland on this week's show!

The ladies get in line with all things BODY! The stories we tell ourselves about our bodies: what they "should" look like, how we "should" take care of them, what it takes to get the body of our dreams...

PLUS Erin shares her experience of stepping in front of the camera while pregnant, as a fitness expert on a weight-loss show...


Our Guest:
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Ep. 27 The Power of Creativity with Special Guest Ioana Alfonso

Jenn talks with artist/choreographer/director, Ioana Alfonso, about the POWER of #creativity and how it can help you get through the obstacles of life with a bit more ease, clarity and SUPPORT.

Ioana is a multi-faceted artist, choreographer, creative director and voice over artist both in English and Spanish. Besides returning to Broadway to rejoin the cast of Wicked, she recently performed classic works created by iconic choreographers in American Dance Machine; shot an episode of "Broad City" and "Master of None"; and was Associate Director of NBC's "Hairspray Live!" which received several Emmy awards.

Io also shares information about her INCREDIBLE "GIVE 2 RECEIVE" campaign that is going on for 2 WEEKS ONLY! You are NOT gonna wanna miss this! What she has created for YOU is nothing short of magical. She's teamed up with some powerhouse creatives from the entertainment and wellness industries to share their stories of how creativity can be a beautiful catalyst for change.

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Ep. 26 What It Takes To Shine

This week we're getting in line with: What It Takes To SHINE!

Watch as Jenn moves through some of her OWN #blocks and #barriers around SUCCESS. You can move through the exercises in REAL TIME with Jenn, or come back to this episode and do it again (and again) down the line! If you're ready to SHINE your LIGHT into the world, then THIS work is a non-negotiable. Everyone has blocks...and it's the people who are willing to face them HEAD ON that will manifest a life beyond their wildest DREAMS over and over and over again.

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Ep.25 How To Not F*CK Up Your Photo Shoot!

Jenn is joined by special guest and photographer, Mira Zaki, to discuss the 3 Tips To Not F*CK Up Your Next Photo shoot! They're talking about what it takes to show up to the shoot prepared to SHINE your light into the world with confidence and ease.

If you've ever been left feeling less than satisfied after a shoot, this episode is for YOU! Let's get you ready to ROCK your next shoot like the PRO that you are!

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Ep. 24 Overcoming Insecurities

Jenn Talks #INSECURITIES! We've all got 'em...but we don't all know what to do about 'em. As you may (or may not) know, host @JennLederer believes that you can LAUGH your way to a breakthrough juuuust as easily as you can cry your way to one...

So, if you've been dancing with the darkness for some time now...cha cha your sexy lil thang over this way and have a good LAUGH (at Jenn's expense) during the show!

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Ep. 23 Top 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know (about being an entrepreneur...)

When it comes to the #entrepreneurial journey…there are lots of ways that you might *think* you’re going crazy, when in reality, you’re right where you’re supposed to be!

In today’s episode, Jenn shares the Top 5 Things she *continues* to remind herself of along the entrepreneurial path…cuz…that feeling of “Am I going CRAZY here??” never completely goes away...

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Ep. 22 Confessions of a Serial Salesman with Special Guest Stevel Nudelberg

Jenn talks with special guest Steve Nudelberg about his book Confessions of a Serial Salesman!

As an author, expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and serial salesman and entrepreneur Steve’s 27 core Leadership Rules of Engagement within this book, Confessions of a Serial Salesman have been developed over decades of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership endeavors.

In today’s episode we’ll explore:

* what it means to be "good" at it (it's not about the "close")
* how to build up your arsenal of contacts along the way
* why your routine could be sabotaging everything

+ HOW to move into your next sales conversation with more clarity, awareness & INTENTION!!! 

LINKS / MENTIONS from the show:

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FYI of the week: Mel Robbins

Ep. 21 The Forest of Doubt

Jenn Talks Doubt. Why it shows up in the first place, how to move through it...and why it might not be as big a deal as we make it out to be. In fact, some might say it's a GOOD sign that it's showing up...cuz it only shows up when there is CHANGE a foot!

LINKS / MENTIONS from the show:

Special Guest -

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Ep. 20 Leadership Within Chaos with Special Guest Chris Cebollero

Jenn Talks Leadership Within Chaos with Special Guest Chris Cebollero

Chris was the EMS Chief if Ferguson, Missouri during the Michael Brown shooting, so he knows a thing or two about stepping into Leadership during crisis and chaos. We talk what it takes to keep a calm mind when there is a tornado of chaos swirling around you, the steps that AREN'T currently happening for the service members in the aftermath of a crisis (and how to fix it) plus, how ALL of this translates into Leadership in your Life and Business.

LINKS / MENTIONS from the show:

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FYI of the week:

Ep. 19 The Price of Buying into Isolation

Jenn Talks The Price of Buying into Isolation!Your little habit of “hiding out instead of hanging out” might be costing you more than you realize…and no, we’re not talking about some quality “me time” being the issue…(Jenn is a HUGE fan of the whole ‘me time’ movement)

We’re talkin’ the kind of isolation that keeps you outta the game, playing small at best. The kind that talks you out of ACTION and keeps you from RECEIVING everything you’ve worked so hard to “earn”…

How is ISOLATION effecting YOUR bottom line (and glass ceiling)?

Ep. 18 Can't or Won't with Special Guest Loolwa Khazzoom

Jenn Talks with Special Guest Loolwa Khazzoom, a PR rockstar, holistic healer, speaker and musician about all things DETERMINATION and what it takes to say YES...even when you're scared, unsure and even physically limited (like Loolwa was when she was struck with chronic pain and thyroid cancer at 2 different points in her life). 

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Special Guest: Loolwa Khazzoom

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Ep. 17 Exciting Announcement about the show!

Jenn Talks BIG CHANGES and EXCITING NEWS about the Weekly Alignment podcast! Learn HOW the show will change (starting 8/2/17) + how YOU will be able to join in on the conversation in REAL TIME!!

Ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges! Let's goooo!!

Ep. 16 The Currency That Counts

Jenn Talks The CURRENCY that COUNTS. The thing that will bring you TRUE success. The thing that each person feels differently…and yet, when we have it, we ALL feel the effects of it, in SPADES. Oh, and this thing is also gonna help you make more MONEY!!! Now that I have your attention…let’s GOOOO!!!

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FYI: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
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Ep. 15 Take It To Completion

Jenn Talks Taking it To Completion. How it feels when you REALLY finish. Why it’s so difficult for some people to get there and what you can do to have more fun along the way…aaand if you think I’ve been talking about anything other than reaching a goal. Well, that’s on you. Let’s do it!

Ep. 14 Same Difference

Jenn Talks Same Difference. There are so many ways that everyone is exactly alike...and yet, we still have our differences. But...what ARE those differences? And, how exactly are we all alike? All this and more explored on today's episode!

Ep. 13 Yes And...(improv-ing with the Universe)

Jenn talks improv-ing with the Universe. How to know if you’re making the right decision & headed in the right direction, plus…what the Universe might be trying to show you when the signs you’re receiving are ALMOST what you’ve asked for…but not quite.

Ep. 12 How To Create Sustainable Success with Special Guest Monica Aparicio

Jenn Talks Sustainable Success with very special guest, Monica Aparicio! When it comes to creating TRUE success (a.k.a. YOUR definition of success) you've gotta start by knowing where it begins & how to create in your own world. We’ll be letting you know how you can get in on a LIVE event happening in NYC (this weekend!) where you will experience EVERYTHING we talk about in today's REAL LIFE. (That’s right, like real people in the same room together..conversing…making eye contact and making personal and professional connections that don’t involve swiping Right or Left first) Let’s do it!

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Ep. 11 My European Adventure!

Jenn talks about her 2 week European adventure! What it was like to experience so many new things in such a short amount of time (as a self-proclaimed introvert and homebody), what she LOVED about it and the lessons learned. Plus Jenn's shining a light on a story about Prince…one that we're sure will inspire you to be...YOU!

Ep. 10 Pivot Step, Ball Change

Jenn Talks Changing Direction in Life & Business. What it takes, what it *actually* looks like and how you can DANCE through those transitions with a little more ease and a LOT more trust.

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Ep. 9 How To Feel Confident on Camera with Special Guest Flor Tejada

Jenn Talks with special guest, Flor Tejada, about her production company NextRound Productions, her inspiration behind creating an all-female run company and what it takes to step in front of the camera as an entrepreneur. We’re talkin’ about why video can have a HUGE impact on your business and how you can get started…even if you’re scared. You’ll also hear a KICK ASS story of Flor’s experience co-producing a documentary about the Women’s March that ended up taking on a life of it’s own. All this and more on today’s show!

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FYI - GOAL Traveler

Ep. 8 Leaving on a Jet Plane

Jenn Talks Leaving Your Comfort Zone & how she’ll be doing that this week when she steps on a jet plane. We’re talkin’ how changing your surroundings can be exciting & scary, why Jenn might only love the IDEA of travelling and how she could be at risk of sounding like the President (she explains herself.) Let’s go!