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An experienced motivational speaker with over 10 years of experience, Jenn has had the opportunity to speak at many events, workshops and conferences. Her quick, comedic wit and glam irreverence make her message and the world of spirituality and wellness accessible to everyone. In this she is set apart from other speakers. After all, we are united by humor (and who couldn’t use a good, authentic, heart-felt laugh). Most recently, Jenn had the opportunity to share her message and insight at Yale and Google Headquarters in NYC.

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Popular Presentations

It's Safe to Shine - Learning how to SHINE as a Leader in your Industry

This program is PERFECT for your group if you are ready to step off the side lines and ALIGN with what, where and HOW you can begin to SHINE as a LEADER and expert in your industry. It's SAFE to SHINE, and this workshop will have you walking out the door LIT UP and ready to ROCK! You know you have an important message. You know you've been standing on the side lines for FAR too long. You know it's YOUR time to shine...but you can't seem to actually take the ACTIONS that you know you need to take. 

Lighthouse Leadership - How To Inspire Self Motivation and Teamwork

This presentation is designed for Executives and Leaders alike who desire to learn how to keep their team(s) focused, inspired and self-motivated while providing a container that allows them to stretch outside of their comfort zones. Learn how to create a container of strength...and you will create consistent GROWTH within your team!

It's not WHAT You do, It's HOW You do it - Building Brand Loyalty

If you want to stand out in the over-saturated Entrepreneurial world, your BRAND is EVERYTHING. This program will give you the tools you need to build and create a brand that SPEAKS to your ideal audience. When you speak with clarity, conviction and authenticity, no room is too noisy for your voice to be HEARD. Online or off-line, one thing remains true: It's not WHAT you do, it's HOW you do it.

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