"Jenn's solid intuition helps to guide with clarity, while her coaching skills provide practical actionable steps. She can lead with grace and compassion while also holding you accountable with no-bulls*%t tough love. I am much more clear about where I am heading and I am continuously inspired. I have felt more in tune with my own voice and my own desires. I have felt myself ever expanding and new opportunities continue to show up. Overall I have just felt a growing sense of empowerment to shine and a renewed sense of excitement for creating in all aspects of my life."

Ioana Alfonso (Actor / Director / Choreographer) 


"I'm that quintessential story. I started with Jenn owning an entertainment company with interest in building a travel company. My original plan was to do both. I hired Jen to help me get the new one off the ground and help balance my time. But after our conversations the truth finally revealed itself. I was miserable in my former company that I had for 7 years. A company I was very successful in. Wanting to walk away from something you built is a struggle that was insanely difficult to accept, but Jenn supported me in every way. As my departure took place, we were quietly building the beginnings of a new platform. She didn't overwhelm me with work, she listened to my pain, helped cope me through the major shift I was going through, and slowly began getting me prepared for something new. She knew to keep it simple, grow slowly, so when I finally let go of one I have something started to stand on. After this year, I couldn't even believe what a different person I am. I finally feel like I'm back on track and can confidently best serve people the way I always wanted too. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of accomplishment my new company GOAL Traveler has gone through."

- Cydny Voicechovski (Co-Founder of GOAL Traveler)



"She is so real and she actually listens. I don't know why that was surprising but she hears me. I am safe being vulnerable with her. She is kind in her no-nonsense approach and she consistently and constantly helps me to be kind to myself. I am more willing to embrace my badassness. I am scared but I keep moving on where before fear would stop me cold. And I'm willing to embrace all my ideas and not feel that I'm schizophrenic but have potential."

- Emie Michaud Weinstock (Founder and CEO of Reveled Up)

Amanda Houle.jpg

"Working with Jenn was a confidence boost 100% Stepping into my truth, vulnerability, and of course total re-brand of my business and launching my Podcast and just doing it!! First time in my business that I feel authentic and can speak my truth in a way that leads to love and helping families succeed. Jenn's energy, intuition, and ability to make you feel seen, heard, and confident was the catalyst for me to step into my power and truth."

-Amanda Houle (Founder of Parenting With a Punch)


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