"Jenn's solid intuition helps to guide with clarity, while her coaching skills provide practical actionable steps. She can lead with grace and compassion while also holding you accountable with no-bulls*%t tough love. I am much more clear about where I am heading and I am continuously inspired. I have felt more in tune with my own voice and my own desires. I have felt myself ever expanding and new opportunities continue to show up. Overall I have just felt a growing sense of empowerment to shine and a renewed sense of excitement for creating in all aspects of my life."

Ioana Alfonso (Actor / Director / Choreographer) 


"Not to sound dramatic, but this lady has changed my life for the better. Everything started to turn when I started to work with her. Even all of my friends are like " hey, you have changed so much, you are less anxious and you are more fun and in the present moment" She introduced me to things that my soul has been screaming to let me see for years and within a few short lessons I saw and felt what I wanted to my whole life. I also never ever expected to change career paths but she was so influential that I was like hey, I want to do what she does. This woman changed my life, I want to help people too. Thank you Jenn, you have been nothing but amazing!"

Erica Weiderlight (Founder and CEO of We The Light, LLC)



"She is so real and she actually listens. I don't know why that was surprising but she hears me. I am safe being vulnerable with her. She is kind in her no-nonsense approach and she consistently and constantly helps me to be kind to myself. I am more willing to embrace my badassness. I am scared but I keep moving on where before fear would stop me cold. And I'm willing to embrace all my ideas and not feel that I'm schizophrenic but have potential."

- Emie Michaud Weinstock (Founder and CEO of Reveled Up)


“I needed a coach that could keep me accountable and not let me off the hook. As a coach myself, and a crafty, manipulative person, it was important to me to work with someone strong and intuitive who could lovingly keep me accountable. I had a feeling that Jenn would be a good choice and I think she is the right fit for what I was looking for. I didn’t know she was THAT intuitive, bordering on clairsentient. She is very aware of what’s going on beneath what is being said, and her intuition is very accurate. I love knowing that I am not alone, and that there is someone who gets where I am at and is pulling for me. Her emails are the best. I love opening them.”

-Emily Grace – Actor/Writer/Producer/Coach