~ Motivational comedian ~
leadership Strategist

A Producer, Motivational Comedian + Leadership Strategist for Creatives, Jenn infuses comedy, heart, intuition and no b.s. business strategies that help her audiences laugh their way to a breakthrough.

Jenn is on the forefront of bridging the wellness and entertainment industries through mediums such as motivational comedy and her documentary titled "Just Enough" that will begin airing on ShortsTV to 35 million homes around the world starting September, 2018.

Jenn’s work has been featured by FORBES, Huffington Post, YALE, Google Headquarters, QUARTERS, ShortsTV and StandUp NY.

Her quick, comedic wit and glam irreverence make her message and the world of spirituality and wellness accessible to everyone. Jenn will make you laugh so hard you #shiftyourself into a new perspective of empowered PERMISSION to claim the life you know you're meant to live.