~ Motivational comedian ~
leadership coach ~ Unicorn

Jenn Lederer is a Motivational Stand-Up Comedian and Leadership Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs. With her wicked sense of humor, intuition, and no-bullshit approach to coaching & wellness, she is able to help her clients authentically see themselves and stop playing small. Jenn meets you where you are, and knows that no one’s journey has to look a certain way.

She can help guide you to the other side of fear; identify your patterns that hold you back and help you to redefine them so that you can authentically show up in the world. She believes when you feel safe, you are limitless, and is on a personal mission to make Safety, Sexy ;)

While she works with a broad spectrum of clients, Jenn’s experience as the former COO of a Talent Management Company gives her a unique insight working with those in the entertainment industry. As a speaker, her Quick, Comedic Wit, Glam Irreverence, and No-Bullshit Authenticity make her message and the world of spirituality & wellness accessible to all. Humor unites us, and who couldn’t use a good laugh?

Jenn is an esteemed, and frequently published, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a contributor to The Huffington Post Wellness section, and recently gave talks at Yale and Google Headquarters in New York.