How To Knock The To-Do's Off Your List Like A Ninja!

Moguls are known for their lists. We've got lists of the things we need to make lists for. We add things TO the list that were never on the list, but we did the task and now we want to cross it off!

Lists can be helpful. Lists can also become all consuming and a source of never-ending anxiety when it feels like the list is never gonna end. (HINT: It never does)

Today's episode of Mogul Mondays gives you THREE WAYS to knock those to-do's off your list like a ninja. (cuz, I guess they're good at that sort of thing?)

Once you’ve watched…

  • Are you ready to knock those to-do’s off your list (with ease) this week?!!

  • What is your WHY for getting up and going after your dream each and every day?

  • What might happen if you started to ALLOW your WHY to inspire you even more?

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~ J

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Jenn Lederer