POWERed UP Ep. 01 // Do You Know Where Your Power Is?

POWERed UP Ep. 01

Do You Know Where Your Power Is?


JLP is excited to premiere EPISODE 1 of "POWERed Up", our latest series where creative entrepreneurs come to (re)connect to their #PowerPlace and start makin' #MogulMoves.

Ya know those times when doubt creeps in and you wonder WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN DOING!

Like when you...

  • Actually leave your house or

  • Open your mouth at a party or

  • Go to a networking event AND ACTUALLY TALK TO SOMEONE or

  • Promote your business or

  • Share a creative idea that's still in incubation and you can't even put it into words and then you do put it into words but it doesn't sound AT ALL the way it did in your head and now everyone thinks you're crazy?!?!

Life is full of opportunities to GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY.

Not because it's a set-up (though the Ego WILL convince you that the world is out to get you) but because GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY is the only way to learn how to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK (and make it stronger every. damn. time.)

Giving your power away isn't proof that you're weak or got "duped" or should've "known better"...it's proof that you're ALIVE and GROWING!

If you wanna take your Power back (again and again and again) you better know where to find it! #Step1


P.S. Juuuust in case you're sitting there thinking "oooh sure. it's SO easy for other people to do things like get on camera and talk about their "Power Place"...Be sure to stick around for the #bloopers at the end of the episode to see how THAT may be the story that's stealing your power away right NOW

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Jenn Lederer