The Catch-22 Of Knowing What You Want

Aaaah the sweet, sweet taste of CLARITY.When we know what we want (and even better, HOW we’re gonna get it) all is right in the world. Right?!

While clarity is often the most sought after thing in a creative entrepreneur’s life, there IS a catch-22 to watch out for once you get it…

Because if you aren’t careful, your clarity could cost you (and your vision), in a BIG way.

Watch this week’s episode of Mogul Mondays for the 4-1-1

Once you’ve watched…

1) Where in your life are you searching for clarity (aka ANSWERS)?

2) If “clarity” wasn’t what you were searching for…what would you search for instead?

3) Have you had your own journey and experience dancing with the power of clarity and questions?

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~ J

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Jenn Lederer