The Only Negotiation Tactic You Really Need

When it comes to negotiation we have all been taught to find our breaking point. To know that one line we will not cross.

  • But how do you find that non negotiable line?

  • WHO is defining your breaking point?

  • WHAT is the driving force behind your willingness to stand your ground and do what you know is best?

A Mogul brings THIS negotiating tactic to the table, every time.

After you've watched, I'd love to hear from you!

  • Do you know where your non-negotiable line lives? (and WHY it’s there?)

  • Have you ever taken a deal that you knew was out of alignment but it felt like the “right” choice at the time?

  • What’s ONE negotiation you would go back and re-do if you had the chance?

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~ J

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Jenn Lederer