“Jenn’s greatest strength is in unraveling beliefs that hold us back from success. You can take all the marketing courses you want, but if you don’t believe in yourself, then the marketing doesn’t work. The biggest shift has been the ease in which I can now say no to revenue opportunities that do not serve my big vision. I used to focus solely on revenue goals, but now, my soul gets to make the final decision. I’ve found it’s possible to make money and stay on mission. I loved starting our sessions with breathing or a meditation. It taught me to focus on grounding before designing or strategizing. I thought our one on one sessions were some of our best sessions because we were able to dig in deeper. I also appreciated Jenn’s candor and humor.” - Nicole Hernandez (Host of The Daring Kind Podcast)


I am much further along the road of being comfortable with being seen. I am still on that road and will be forever, but willing to take it one step at a time. I accept feeling the fear and doing it anyway. That is the muscle I have become more accustomed to flexing these days. I feel more confident in myself and accept where I am in my life as an artist and business owner. The road ahead has been illuminated and I am able to see more of my potential, though I know there is also so much I cannot yet see, which is exciting.” -Ingrid Oscarsson (Singer / Song-writer)


The best part about working with Jenn is simply being around her energy. No matter the mood you are in, she knew how to light you up. Our conversations were always full of laughs and good times. She understood me on a personal level and was able to get me focused and on track fast. She has a way of getting you moving towards your goals without it feeling like work. Jenn was precisely what I needed in order to see the light in me. She gave me the confidence I needed to find my true calling and release what I was trying to be. I laugh looking back. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to her, and like most of us we over think it, I'm forever happy I just bit the bullet and signed up.-Cydny Voicechovski (Co-founder @ GOAL Traveler)


Jenn's solid intuition helps to guide with clarity, while her coaching skills provide practical actionable steps. She can lead with grace and compassion while also holding you accountable with no-bulls*%t tough love. I am much more clear about where I am heading and I am continuously inspired. I have felt more in tune with my own voice and my own desires. I have gained some courage and I have learned how setting intentions can deeply affect the outcome of any situation. I have felt myself ever expanding and new opportunities continue to show up. Overall I have just felt a growing sense of empowerment to shine and a renewed sense of excitement for creating in all aspects of my life.” -Ioana Alfonso (Actor / Director / Choreographer)

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 7.41.29 AM.png

In the beginning, I thought I might not be her client, I didn't see myself as a "creative entrepreneur" (aka performer) initially, even though I am a visual artist. That was about me, not Jenn. I have "shined online", discovered my capacity to write, helped me do FB Live that I would never have thought I would do before working with Jenn. I know there is more. The biggest part is really launching my Feng Shui business full-time after retiring from my full-time corporate job in October. Amazing. And now I feel the confidence to start doing weekly FB Live events and create You-Tube videos/channel. With Jenn I move with speed!” -Kate MacKinnon (Feng Shui Artist & Consultant)


Jenn supports from all angles - I can't imagine how it could improve. She creates availability, she has a strong online presence that lifts up anybody who is reading; I know if I texted her or messaged her and needed a "jenn moment" she would find time to respond and work with me. I have grown so much and have so many more tools to explore with now that I have worked with you! I am getting back up on stage and taking that creative process back into my life. Jenn’s intuition covers so much of what needs support: self-love, courage, releasing and recognizing self-sabotage, creating space for the little one, being present.” -Susan Eichhorn-Young (Singer / Actor / Writer / Voice Coach)


Jenn Lederer is the real deal. Authentic, generous, right-on/on-point, passionate and exuding best intention for your best impact. 'Shine' is not just a word for Jenn, it's an essence. One she shares with whomever comes into her experience. I cannot say how much I learned and gained from our 30-minute consult convo and so much more from being in her community”. -Susan Axelrod (Clarity & Confidence Coach)


Her energy, intuition, and ability to make you feel seen, heard, and confident was the catalyst for me to step into my power and truth. Being in Jenn’s community has helped me to step into my truth, vulnerability, and of course total re-brand of my business and comfortability in launching my Podcast and just doing it!! First time in my business that I feel authentic and can speak my truth in a way that leads to love and helping families succeed.-Amanda Houle (Founder @ Parenting With A Punch)


“Since being in Jenn’s community I am more willing to embrace my badassness. I am scared but I keep moving on where before fear would stop me cold. And I'm willing to embrace all my ideas and not feel that I'm schizophrenic but have potential. Jenn is so real and she actually listens. I don't know why that was surprising but she hears me. I am safe being vulnerable with her. She is kind in her no-nonsense approach and she consistently and constantly helps me to be kind to myself.” -Emie Michaud Weinstock (Founder @ ReveledUp)

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“Not to sound dramatic, but this lady has changed my life for the better. Everything started to turn when I started to work with her. Even all of my friends are like " hey, you have changed so much, you are less anxious and you are more fun and in the present moment" She introduced me to things that my soul has been screaming to let me see for years and within a few short lessons I saw and felt what I wanted to my whole life. I also never ever expected to change career paths but she was so influential that I was like hey, I want to do what she does. This woman changed my life, I want to help people too.” -Erica Wiederlight (Founder @ We The Light)