The Mogul Membership

Module 1
The Business Blueprint


  • How to structure your business for maximum results, profit & ALIGNMENT!

  • How to create, lead and inspire from a place of true POWER

  • How this blueprint can be applied to ANY idea, brainstorm, campaign, launch, etc.

  • Understanding what it means to "stand in your power" (and how it leads to more $$$)

  • How your experience connects to your marketing

  • How your marketing will help discern which platforms are best for you, your brand and message

  • How your pitch, money and POWER are all connected


  • You’re new to The Mogul Membership (YAY, Welcome!)

  • It’s time for a refresher on how the Business Blueprint flows

  • It's time to take a step back and look at your business through a wide lens.

  • You are getting ready for an evolution / reiteration of you and your work.

  • You have a new project / event / idea to run through the blueprint and create your next structure!



You are always welcome to share your experiences, take-aways, triumphs, challenges and ALL THE THINGS that unfold along the way in the Mogul FB community!