The Mogul Membership

Module 2
Big Picture Experience


  • Why the EXPERIENCE you create is the defining factor for your BRAND and BOTTOM LINE

  • How to give a first impression that ALWAYS leaves them wanting MORE (Hint: stop trying.)

  • Why prioritizing the experience is the most POWERFUL thing you can do

  • Who this experience is really about and how it affects your PROFIT

  • How to define your experience (for yourself and your clients / audience)

  • How the experience of your business directly relates to your POWER place


  • You have a NEW idea /goal / project / program that you want to start building out

  • It’s time to create a different / better experience for yourself with your business

  • You want to refine the way your audience / customers / clients experience your business

  • You’re currently NOT enjoying your business and that STOPS NOW! (been there.)

  • You have an OLD / “on the shelf” idea that needs refined / re-aligned

  • You have a GREAT idea…but no one seems interested. (might be time to check the experience engine)



You are always welcome to share your experiences, take-aways, triumphs, challenges and ALL THE THINGS that unfold along the way in the Mogul FB community!