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Module 3: The Marketing

reasons to watch this training:

✅ It’s time to start telling the world about what you do (consistently) and with intention

✅ You want to understand & explore the art of STORYTELLING

✅ You have an upcoming event / launch / project

✅ You need to DEFINE your marketing materials / narratives / flow

✅ You are STARTING to explore the idea of building an email list, creating a “freebie”

✅ You are ready to REFINE your current list-building content


what you will learn:

✅ How to OPTIMIZE your content to make the biggest IMPACT (without feeling like a content-creating monster) 

✅The difference between a basic marketing funnel and a trip-wire marketing funnel (and why you want them)

Examples of MARKETING FUNNEL content you can create using the content you ALREADY have!

✅ Why ALIGNMENT is key to creating an effective marketing funnel, launching a program or filling an event

✅ How to create TALKING POINTS that can guide your ENTIRE Brand and marketing narrative for years!

DONE-FOR-YOU swipe files for email sequences designed to help you turn readers into buyers!

✅ How the EXPERIENCE you want to create inspires the marketing strategy you build out


additional worksheets


THIS is the kind of work that you (should) probably be diving into right nOW — but (lemme guess) you have EVERY EXCUSE not to.

✅ Too busy
✅ Can’t think of anything to create
✅ Too many things on your plate right now

Start small.
Start messy.
Start slow.


MOGUL TIP: 80% is good enough!
(and if 80% still feels like too much —
what if you just downloaded them, took a look at the work, and then gave yourself SPACE to start brainstorming?…


NOTE: These National holidays are GREAT for content and marketing inspiration!
(BONUS: A lot of them are so ridiculous it’s hard to NOT want to celebrate them!)

These are some ideas to get the ball rolling on different
MARKETING FUNNELS you can create.

Once people opt-in to your MARKETING FUNNEL, you’ve gotta

Email Sequence #1 - Basic Marketing Funnel

Email Sequence #2 - Tripwire Marketing Funnel

Email Sequence #3 - Webinar Training Email Sequence

Email Sequence #4 - LIVE Event Follow-Up

Email Sequence #5 - Complimentary Call Email Sequence (new client acquisition)

Email Sequence #6 - Request for TESTIMONIALS

TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS is the only way to know if your
work / offerings / services are resonating with your community!


Ready to put this work into ACTION?


REMEMBER The Membership TUTORIALS are here to help!





MOGUL TIP: If you feel ready, you’ve waited to long…



Ooooh I see you over there…

Knowin’ you got the goods & (finally) getting ready to
share ‘em with the WORLD!

right after you shake the feeling that you’re an imposter…



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