The Mogul Membership

Module 7
The Power Place


  • How to ACTIVATE your Power Place (and why this is a non-negotiable for moguls)

  • How to make EVERY decision (in life and business) from your Power Place with confidence

  • Why the power place is the CORE of your entire business & how to nurture / expand on it each day

  • How to use your Power Place to create a HUGE IMPACT in the world, simply by BEING YOU!!!

  • How this ONE area can (and will) define YOUR business

  • How your Power Place directly effects your MONEY (and how to keep them BOTH charged up!)


  • You’ve forgotten what you’re made of (aka your Mogul Mojo is missing…)

  • You are ready to (re)connect with Source

  • You are experiencing doubt / fear / uncertainty (and desire to change that)

  • You’re feeling lost and need to re-ground and connect to your Truth / Power



You are always welcome to share your experiences, take-aways, triumphs, challenges and ALL THE THINGS that unfold along the way in the Mogul FB community!