The Billionaires' Secret For Success (pass it on...)


Yesterday was a whirlwind of GREATNESS in my world. 

From shopping for new "looks" with my manager to hittin' up my first comedy "roast battle" (comedians are brutally funny!) to taking a meeting with one of the producers of Hamilton (yes, THAT Hamilton) I found myself crawling into bed around 1am with that blissful feeling of aligned exhaustion. 

There was a renewed awareness + appreciation for the SUPPORT that continues to show up in every corner of my life.

We all need that reminder from time to time. (read: ALL the time)

  • The reminder that tells us we're not alone.
  • The reminder that says we don't have to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.
  • The reminder that says "Here, take my hand. I've got you."

That SUPPORT, by the way, IS the secret to billionaires' success.

Not the kind of support that comes from hired assistants and big business deals...but the kind of support that sits around a table with you, late at night, scheming about the next BIG & exciting project that you can build TOGETHER.

This "secret" was something I was reminded of during my chat with said producer yesterday.

She had just returned from a trip to Cabo where she stayed at a friend of a friends' place. The night before she was sitting at a bar with Leonardo DiCaprio and Reese Witherspoon...and THEY weren't the most powerful people in the room. Not by a long shot.

I asked her about the ENERGY in the room. What she noticed. What patterns were present. (You know I can't help but ask these things ;)

Her response: "You know, Jenn, I've spent a lot of time around billionaires and there is ONE common theme that I notice about the richest of the rich. They grow TOGETHER."


She continued: "The men I talk to always speak about their counterparts in business. The people they trust with their life. The SAME people they bring in to EVERY deal. Their SUPPORT system IS their equity. And...this dynamic seems to be much more common between MEN than between women, unfortunately."


Women are taught to compete with one another from a very young age. It's baked into our society, really.

We're taught there isn't enough to go around...and we better get there FIRST.

And when you do get there, you'd better keep that sh*t to yourself.


She shared: "In the past year of my life I've made it a point to start building MY team of women. The ones who will RISE with me. The ones I can TRUST. The ones who can see my blind spots and fill in the spaces where I don't shine quite as bright."


As the saying goes...

If you want to go FAST, go alone. 

If you want to go FAR, go together.

I for one am DONE with going it alone. It doesn't work. It's no fun.

( can be a difficult pattern to un-create#oldhabitsdiehard

I wonder, are YOU ready to start UN-creating the habit of going it alone?

  • Are you craving a new sense of SUPPORT as you rise to the top?
  • Are you searching for the people who DESERVE your trust?

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~ J

Jenn Lederer