The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Worm (and other sound advice)


I often hear people talk about how difficult and IMPORTANT it is to get your foot in the door.

To land that first meeting.
To get that initial recognition.
To crack the door open just enough to get a glimpse of the lifestyle that waits for you on the other side.

It's not to say that those initial moments aren't challenging to come by (they are) or hella exciting and powerful when they DO finally happen (it's incredible) but, as J.Lo would say, don't be fooled by the rocks that I got.

Those moments are where the story BEGINS, not ends.

The guest star in this story line, and the one I'm here to shine a light on, is the SECOND step.

The step you take AFTER that initial introduction / meeting / event / opportunity.

THIS is the step that a lot entrepreneurs and creative types skip over:


I've heard (and used) EVERY excuse in the book to avoid this step:

  • I don't want to be annoying
  • What if I reach out and never hear back?
  • What if I come across too pushy / bossy / bitchy?
  • What if {insert fear of being judged here}

I can PROMISE you this: the squeaky wheel gets the worm! (er...whatever).

If the idea of following up with someone who showed interest in you / your work / your mission / your message is enough to make you want to climb under a rock...I recommend doing whatever inner work you need to do so you can cut that out ASAP.

The art of the follow-up is EVERYTHING.

It's not PERSONAL, it's business.
GOOD business, at that.

Wanna REALLY be a ROCK STAR in the follow-up game?


I know. I know. Now I'm pushing it. God forbid you actually have to have a conversation with someone, in real time. Deep breath. I believe in you (and your business is counting on you). You can do it.

I took this step in my business for the millionth time earlier this week. (Being a talent manager for 5 years strengthened my follow-up muscle like WOAH).

I hadn't heard anything from the booker of the comedy club where I'm set to headline in July since the end of May. I hadn't heard anything in regards to confirming the other comedians, I decided to follow-up and REconfirm everything we spoke about. 

First, I asked my manager to follow-up with him via email. In his response, I could sense that something had shifted. His excitement had faded a bit...I could tell he was beginning to DOUBT my vision a bit.

I asked my manager to reply back and to let him know we were confident that this kind of comedy is worth taking a risk on, she did. He never replied. (that was last Thursday)


I knew that it was time for me to take that oh-so-important-and-powerful SECOND STEP of following up. Not out of desperation, but from a place of "I'm gonna give him one more shot to get in on the ground floor of this vision."

(You better believe I had 4 other comedy clubs' numbers lined up and ready to pitch if this guy decided to "pass" on me)

I wasn't looking for validation, I was simply going to help him SEE what must've gotten a bit blurry since we last spoke. (THIS is the key to a successful follow-up, btw. Don't EVER let them validate you. You're not a parking ticket.)

I gave him a call the following Monday. He answered, but sounded distracted. I asked him if this was an OK time to talk. He asked if I would call back tomorrow. Sure thing!

(This is where a lot of people might start making up stories like "He just didn't want to talk to me." "He probably won't pick up my call tomorrow." "I should probably give up.)

I, on the other hand, called back the next day like clockwork. He answered and I said "Hey! It's Jenn Lederer, you free to talk?" He replied "Damn, you're persistent." I replied "I'm just warming up."

5 minutes later, my show was (re)booked and is OFFICIALLY on their calendar!!!

Turns out, he just needed a quick reminder of who I was and why I'm EXACTLY the kind of person he wants to "take a risk" on. 


Go get your worm. Squeak your wheel. Do what you need to do to OWN your greatness and STOP letting your EGO talk you out of taking the STEPS that can truly change your life.

The first step might be hard...but the second step is where the POWER lives.

Keep steppin'.

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