The Juggle Is Real: Heart-Centered Success in 2018


I was sitting across from my good friend, Emily, when I heard her say these 4 words: the juggle is real.

At the time we were discussing the art of being a #bosslady mogul and how each day requires you to multitask like a seasoned juggler performing at the never-ending-circus. We both LOVE what we do, but LOVE doesn't exempt you from the other human emotions and experiences that come with the pursuit of success and happiness. 

Overwhelm. Doubt. Fear. Comparison. Perfectionism. You know the crew.

This conversation happened just last week, but here in 2018, a difference of one week can feel like an eternity.

Since that conversation, those 4 words continue to ring out in my mind as I watch the BIG PICTURE of our world continue to unfold all around me.

THE JUGGLE IS REALer than it's ever been before.
At least, in my lifetime.

I do my best to "keep my eye on the ball" of my business when it comes to the emails, blogs and the overall messaging I put out into the world...

But the truth is, the BALL OF JUSTICE has made it's way into circulation and I (read: WE) must be willing to LOOK AT IT as it comes around.

Don't let it drop.
Don't look away.
Don't convince yourself this doesn't effect you.
Don't detach yourself because it "feels too big"

What is currently unfolding in America has become TOO BIG to ignore, not too big to juggle.

Now more than ever is when we, the LIGHT WORKERS, the ones who have been doing the INNER work, the ones who know how to hold space, the ones who KNOW how to FEEL all that is happening...

NOW is the time to put that work into ACTION.

The Juggle Is REAL.

Continue to live your life and find moments of joy.
Continue to build your business and ROCK OUT like the #mogul you are.
Continue to post your shiny IG photos.
Continue to go LIVE on FB and share your tips and tricks about biz.


Read the news.
Call your Senators.
Stay fucking WOKE.

This is NOT the time for either, or.
This is NOT the time to step aside and "send thoughts and prayers".
This is NOT the time to stay silent because "your followers aren't used to you talking about this stuff."


What. Are. We. DOING?!!!

I don't have all the answers, but I DO have enough RAGE to go around. 
If you need a little stoking of your flames, lemme know, I'll get you fired up in no time.

Rest. Seek support. Find connection in your community.
Don't go at this alone. Don't spend ALL your time steeped in the darkness...

But when the BALL OF JUSTICE comes around and requires your focus in order for it to not drop to the ground...FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN DO IN THAT MOMENT.

THE JUGGLE IS REAL, and there are people out there right now who don't have ANY balls in their favor.

I, You, WE are the ones with the POWER to juggle the best we can, when we can, as often as we can.

There are several women in my community who are tirelessly doing this work of informing and educating every step of the way. I encourage you to follow them, if you aren't already:

Glennon Doyle
Nisha Moodley
Christine Gutierrez

Here is ONE action step you can take RIGHT NOW that won't even break your stride:

SB3036 - Keep Families Together Act

  • Pick up your phone
  • Dial 202-224-3121
  • State your zip code
  • When connected, simply say "I live in _____ and I support SB3036"


THIS is the reality of what it means to be a "boss lady" (or gent) in 2018.


This doesn't mean your business has to "take a back seat", or that you aren't allowed to talk about ANYTHING else.

It simply means, the ball of JUSTICE is coming around.
Be ready. Be willing.

The juggle is real.

ONE Love.
~ J

Jenn Lederer