You'll Probably Think This Blog Is About You...

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I love writing in the rain. Well, not IN the rain...rain adjacent, I suppose. It's as if rainy days were tailor made for gluing yourself to your laptop & getting your thoughts out onto the page (screen). 

TOTAL permission to ignore everything else in the world. It's just you, your thoughts and the pitter patter of the rain drops. #heaven #currentmood #summerrain

Why did I feel the need to explain my current environemnt before getting to the my point of this email?

Why do you care what the weather is like in my neck of the woods right now?

Maybe the details make for better storytelling. Or...maybe I'm just so vain that I think you'll care about the details of my life as much as I do.

Both, probably.

Humans are vain AF. I don't mean this to be an insult, it just IS.

We learn to move through the world as the STAR of our very own film. 
Executive Producer: Source/Universe/God

We are CONVINCED that every action we take is ABOUT US.

  • Our fears: about US.
  • Our doubts: about US.
  • Our dreams: about US.
  • Our hopes: about US.
  • Our actions: about US.

Earlier this week I did a (10 min) FB Live talking about this phenomenon. 

The VANITY that keeps us playing small.

The belief that you are POWERFUL enough to "screw it all up" by making ONE wrong move.

Silly human.

You're so vain. You probably think that dream/desire/intuition is about YOU.

It's not.

Interested to hear what I have to say about all of this? 

CLICK HERE to watch the full FB Live video & leave your thoughts/comments as you watch/listen!

*press play and listen while you do the dishes*

And before you get all in a huff about how IMPORTANT you are, as an individual, in this world...relax. I'm not here to say you're NOT special (your mom was right. you are special) quite the opposite.

I'm here to help you #remember that your ACTIONS (or lack thereof) are DIRECTLY effecting the rest of us.

So, get it together. WE need you. 

I need you to. (yup. it all comes back to me)

And you.

ya dig?

LEAVE A COMMENT on the video and let me know your thoughts!

Until next time...
Be inspired,
~ J


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Jenn Lederer