Extra, Extra BE All About It!


"You're so extra." is what I hear my boyfriend's teenage daughter say to him ALL the time. Apparently, somewhere along the way, being "extra" has picked up a bit of a sticky connotation. It's become another way to tell someone "You're shining too bright, please tone it down."

I'm here to reclaim ALL of my #extra-ness because THAT is exactly how I've been able to create my success.

I make an active choice, daily, to put MY #extra into the ordinary. The result? You guessed it.


If we're connected on FB you may have seen the FB Live I did earlier this week where I talked about this "business strategy" of mine. (it's really more of a LIFE strategy...)

When it comes to paving your path toward SUCCESS, the day-to-day of it all can feel hella ordinary.

The emails.
The follow-ups.
The social media.
The vision.
The 30-day plans.
The emails...and more emails.
The growing to-do lists.
The notifications.
The following.
The marketing funnels.
The emails...(do they EVER end?!)

Ordinary AF #amiright

But, when you remember to insert YOUR #extra special YOUness into these ordinary tasks, MAGIC can (and WILL) start to unfold.

This isn't concept. This is my LIFE.

The ordinary ways have never fit quite right on me. 

Every seminar, training or workshop I've taken has required me to REMIX what I learned to fit it into my way of BEING.

My ability to REMIX has been the key to quick transformation, alignment and the PERMISSION to take what works and leave the rest on the floor for someone else to pick up and use, if needed.

Since the start of 2018 I have:

  • Hired an assistant
  • Premiered my documentary "Just Enough"
  • Landed distribution of said documentary where it will be available in 35 million homes around the world starting Sept 2018
  • Performed my FIRST #motivational #comedy set
  • Performed motivational comedy AGAIN...and then AGAIN
  • Booked my OWN show @ a NYC comedy club (Save the date: 7/12!)
  • Found a talent manager who believes in my vision for the world of COMEDY
  • Found a speaker bureau (from TWITTER!) who believes in my vision of MOTIVATION
  • Hired the HEAD OF CREATIVE @ NBCUniversal to edit my speaker reel (yup.)

Curious how I "made" all of this happen?
HINT: it's ALL about being #EXTRA!!

Learn all about it right here:

And when you're done watching (or listening -- hey, pop it on while you do the dishes or finish getting ready for your day!) if you're ready to bring YOUR #extra-ness to the ordinary, I would encourage you to join us in the STRAIGHT UP ONLINE MEMBERSHIP!!

This 90-day program is jam-packed with ORDINARY business skills delivered to you in a way that leaves SPACE for your EXTRA magic to lead the way...

Creative Unicorns require SPACE. I dig that. 

STRAIGHT UP will show you how to take your emails, social media presence, pitch emails, marketing funnels, programs and overall business to the next level of YOU!!

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I am leading a 21-Days of Self Worth Challenge inside the Straight Up program starting THIS SUNDAY (6/10) where we will begin with a beautiful BODY LOVE hypnosis (lead by my dear friend and Hypno-Soul Coach, Shama Dhanani) 

I see soooo many entrepreneurs (women, especially) hiding their EXTRA-ness from the world because of the relationship they have with their body...

I'll do that right after I lose this last _____lbs.
I hate seeing myself on camera, so no FB Live for me.
I'm embarrassed to step on stage because I'm not comfortable in my clothes.

These aren't excuses. These are BELIEFS, EXPERIENCES and BRILLIANT ways we learn to keep ourselves SAFE.

You aren't weak because of these patterns or beliefs.
It's not that you don't "want it badly enough".
It's not that you don't have "what it takes".

QUITE the opposite, in my experience.

The ones who hide out, protecting their EXTRA-special magic...are the ones who have SO much to offer this world.

I want to help you SHINE, because the world NEEDS your magic, desperately.
(read: ANY news article.)

So what say you?

90-Days of Unicorn REALness (we are REAL, damn it!)

21-Days of SELF WORTH #magic (the most potent magic in all the land...)

  90-Days of SUPPORT , ACCOUNTABILITY and a group of CREATIVES who "get it".  You aren't interested in creating MY version of success...   It's time to create SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS!!!

90-Days of SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY and a group of CREATIVES who "get it".

You aren't interested in creating MY version of success...

It's time to create SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS!!!

 * 7 days of LOVE * 7 days of MOTIVATION * 7 days of EXPANSION

* 7 days of LOVE
* 7 days of MOTIVATION
* 7 days of EXPANSION

See you inside, you magical, EXTRAordinary being, you.

~ J

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Jenn Lederer