I actually did this for a living.

If you can believe it, I actually used to do this for a living...back in 2009...I was selling comedy tickets on the streets of NYC.

At the time, I had NO interest in getting into comedy. I was just "in between passions" and doing anything I could to stay afloat in the city that stole my heart. If you had asked me "Jenn, why are you doing this job?" I wouldn't have had a good answer or explanation. I just...was. I couldn't put my "why" into words, but something told me to keep going back.

Hindsight is a powerful little bugger. (as is my intuition) because as the story goes, it was THIS job that lead me to eventually running and owning my own Talent Management company for 5 years. (I pitched a guy who didn't like comedy...but he DID like my sales skills and happened to have some friends that needed my exact skill set to turn their company around. Turn it around I did.)

Once I turned in my street cred for a seat at the "decision makers" table in the entertainment industry, I figured that would be the end of my dance with comedy...




Enter: TONIGHT!!

TONIGHT is the *official* premiere of my brand of "motivational comedy" in the NYC comedy scene @ Stand Up NY. This club had the balls to try something new, to give my vision a space to PLAY...and we're about to blow the roof off this joint!!

You've still got time to reserve your seats before the doors open @ 7:30pm!!

  • When I look back at everything I learned from my 8 months on that street team.
  • When I remember how many nights I ended up sitting in the back of the comedy clubs, watching comedians work through their acts in front of a sometimes empty room on a Tuesday night.
  • When, as a talent manager, I learned how to PACKAGE an artist's passion in a way that speaks to the bottom line of a producer's needs.
  • When I remember all the lessons learned about the BUSINESS of show.

My WHY comes into focus.

If your life currently looks more like "WTF?!" than "F*CK YEA!!", have faith.

It doesn't always makes sense in the moment. (read: EVER!) but if you're willing to TRUST your intuition, if you're willing to keep taking each step as it comes, if you KNOW you are always taken care of...


Some day, you'll look back and say "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH. Right. Yup. I see it now."

Peep the video at the top of the page to watch me stretch the old "selling comedy tickets" muscle to promote MY OWN show!!!

It was fun. Also, I don't miss that life.

Cheers to the EVOLUTION of YOU.
~ J

Jenn Lederer