They loved this joke.

"I can appreciate the fact that this self care stuff is easy to scoff at. First of all you have people like me saying shit like ‘live your best life’ and that’s annoying. Especially if at the time of hearing it you’re living anything but your best life.”

It’s not always motivating to be motivated.

Sometimes you just need a second.

To sit in the discomfort.
To hide.
To pout.
To rage.
To binge.
To vent.

It’s a valuable skill to be able to handle long as you don’t bathe in it for too long.

Eventually, it’s time to once again pursue your BEST life!


If you’ve ever set out to create your best life once upon a time, you may have also discovered it doesn’t always go as planned...(do you hear someone laughing?)

The past few weeks in my Straight Up community there’s been a lot of discussion about the importance of expanding your CAPACITY in order to make room for your “best life” to show up.

You didn't think the BIGNESS of YOU could remain in your current container AND live your best life...did you?

There are very REAL side effects to ignoring the ENERGETIC side of your growth, in life and business. 

Ex: You set a BIG goal, start going after starts HAPPENING and then: OVERWHELM.

Everything begins to feel "too much", like it's happening "too fast" because you're suddenly trying to fit more ENERGY through a space that hasn't expanded.

The energy begins to get backed up in your system, you aren't able to channel it with ease and then: ANXIETY.

THIS is the pattern I see so many high achieving, type-A creates battle with every day.

  • You KNOW you're capable of creating your best life
  • You are determined, consistent and stubborn AF
  • You are ALWAYS the best student in the class/course/mastermind

And yet, things always seem to fall apart for you.

"But I'm doing everything RIGHT!"

"I know I'm capable of it, why isn't it HAPPENING?!"

"I'm just too overwhelmed to deal with this. It's too much."


You aren't overwhelmed - your energy is CONSTRICTED.

I wonder what would happen if you TRULY allowed yourself to OPEN UP.

I wonder how much SPACE you're not taking up right now.

I wonder what it would be like to KNOW that you have the CAPACITY to BE with all that you desire.

For everyone who is ready to make the back half of 2018 YOUR BEST LIFE...

I wonder what you're going to do next...

If you'd like to further explore this concept of "expanding your capacity" I have TWO ways that you can take IMMEDIATE action and show the Universe you mean business.

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There you have it.

No matter where you choose to go next, I wish you all the CAPACITY in the world that will allow you to actually ENJOY the life you're living.

~ J

p.s. If you're wondering how last week's show went, it was a HUGE hit!! (thanks for asking ;) And I have a TON of exciting updates to share...just as soon as the ink dries on the contracts. 

What I CAN tell you is this -- I'm just getting started. #bestlife

Jenn Lederer