I'm still not very good at this.


Slowing down, that is.

I was built for SPEED. 

That's part of why I fell in LOVE with NYC so deeply the first time I visited back in 2002 with my dance competition team. I finally found myself inside of a space that moved FASTER than I did. A city of hustle and bustle. A place that NEVER asked me to slow down. It was MOVE or get out of the way. Get GOING or get run down.

I was home.

I had full permission to lean ALL the way in to my inner autopilot of GO GO GO, DO DO DO, FASTERRRRR!!!!

Today marks my 11th year anniversary of living in NYC full time.

11 years of exploration, failures, wins, heartbreak, a guardian angel (in the form of a Pomeranian named Figment) who carried me through my first 8 years, career changes...more career changes...more (ok, my career is FOREVER #evolving) and *almost* 11 years of NON.STOP.GOING.

Even though I CAN go 1.8 million mph on any given day, I'm realizing that might not be the best plan in regards to my longevity, fulfillment and overall happiness. (who knew?!?!?)

There is POWER in slowing down. Clarity. Awareness. Connection.

And while I know all of this conceptually...I'm still not very good at it in practice.

I'm the kind of person that turns on my "out of office" message in my emails...and then responds anyway.

It takes conscious effort for me to TRUST that it's safe to not only slow down...but to STOP. 

(woah. ok. really still working on that last part)

Even though today marks 11 years of calling NYC home, I'm writing this to you from my firsthome: Pittsburgh, PA. (above pic is proof of me slowing the eff down in my home town :) #YAY

There have been naps, amusement park rides, more naps, family visits, chill time by the water and NOT responding to emails!!!!! #goME #thisisHUGE #babysteps

I know it's SOOO easy to promise "I'll let myself take a break right after I reach {insert goal here}" but if you're anything like me, the ONLY thing waiting for you at the end of said goal...is another goal.

This month, as you prepare for the "back to school" energy that is sure to overtake ALL of us come September, I hope you actively give yourself SPACE to DO nothing. (even if it's 30 seconds at a time + deep breaths)

I'll be right there with you, moving through my BIGGEST month of content creation yet (OMG I can't WAIT to share #ALLTHETHINGS with you!!!!!) while keeping my NEED FOR SPEED in check along the way.

It's safe to slowdown.
It's safe to STOP.

It's safe to BE.

Jenn Lederer