how to get into the 3% (I'm going.)


"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

This line from the movie JAWS has stayed with me since childhood. Not because it was a favorite movie of mine (I was scared of a shark biting me while I was on the toilet after watching it. dramatic much?) but because I remember my Dad CRACKING UP every time that line was delivered.

Everyone in the film is realizing how absolutely F*CKED they are....and there's my Dad, laughing.

Slap-stick humor was a staple in my house growing up. (I now credit my Dad as my original comedy coach ;) #thanksDad

This blog has nothing to do with sharks or needing a bigger boat (I just wanted a reason to share that story with you) but it DOES have something to do with needing a BIGGER PIGGY BANK!!!

Did you know that only 3% of America’s more than 11 million women business owners have annual revenue that exceeds $1M?!

Are YOU interested in becoming one of those 3%? (I am.) Or better yet...joining a POWER HOUSE community of women who are on a mission to GROW that percentage to double digits?! (I'm in.)

In between the comedy shows I've been producing and the clients I've been serving, I've been quietly looking for organizations that I could align myself with. Organizations that think BIG. Organizations that prioritize women's WEALTH and understand the ripple effects of a world where women are empowered FINANCIALLY.

I'm excited to announce that I am now a proud Board Member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) as their VIP of Events for NYC!!!

This opportunity presented itself last month when I impromptu decided to attend a NAWBO breakfast meeting after "meaning to attend" for the last 3 years...

I went. I connected. I fell in LOVE with the reason NAWBO was created in the first place...and by the end of the meeting I was being offered a position on the board. (Have I mentioned I tend to grow quickly?

Wanna know why NAWBO was started?? (yes. you do.)

CLIFFS NOTES VERSION: In 1975 a woman named Susan Hager went to get a business loan. The bank said she was a perfect candidate for the loan, she would just need her 17 year old son to co-sign the loan since a man's signature was required. Mrs. Hager was a widow. 

Susan's response to this (INSANE) request is the reason women everywhere in America can now get a loan without a man co-signing for us. 

Praise be.

Susan turned her RAGE into action, got a group of women together and CHANGED THE WORLD by creating NAWBO.

Since 1975, NAWBO® has testified before congressional committees and participated in small business task forces, groups and conferences. NAWBO also played a leading role in HR 5050, the Women’s Business Ownership Act; NAWBO has seen several past National presidents inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame.

Get a seat at the table or build your own table, and make sure to include other women at that table.” - Susan Hager, Founding President @ NAWBO

So, about that 3% of $1M businesses...

The first event I'm heading up for NAWBO is called "The Million Dollar Solopreneur" and I couldn't be more excited about this topic!!

There will be a panel of women sharing their REAL LIFE experiences and advice about how they have build MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES with 2-3 employees. 

Learn from the one's who are already there. Surround yourself with the women who are saying YES to their WEALTH...because the world needs us to tap into EVERY resource available to us so we can continue to SHOW UP, just like Susan did in 1975.

DATE: Tues 9/4
TIME: 9am - 12pm
TICKETS: Click here to reserve your seat today!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the panel of women who will be sharing their brilliance with you!

I hope you will join us for what is sure to be an empowering and activating conversation. In the meantime, don't forget to be on the lookout for a proper sized piggy bank.

S H I N E   O N!
~ J

Jenn Lederer