I swore I'd never do this.


I am soooooo good at the whole procrastination game.

Not only has it been my M.O. in biz for as long as I can remember, it's also been a source of PRIDE.

When asked about my "marketing plans" for the upcoming quarter I would scoff and declare "My muse doesn't work under a timeline! She tells ME when it's time!"

Which, I gotta say isn't completely UN-true (I've created some of my most incredible work under the wire) but it's also not impossible for me to get ahead of the ball in business AND channel some creative ish. 

I swore I would NEVER be the person who sits down and batches MONTHS of content at one time.

Not for me. 

No thanks. 

Never. Gonna. Do it!


Never say never, I suppose.

Cuz guess what ya girl is doing this weekend?? Oh that's right. I'm about to embark on 4 days of full video production that will create the next 4 months of content in my business.


The truth is, knowing where you're headed and HOW you are gonna get there is hella helpful when you're DONE with the feast or famine way of running a business.

The OTHER truth is, it's taken me quite a while to GET to this point.

  • To know my style.
  • To know my talking points.
  • To know what I truly want to say & HOW I want to say it.
  • To know what my audience wants.

My habits of procrastination weren't all for nothing. 

In the past, when I tried to force the content too early it would always end up getting tossed out at the last minute. 

Now that I have a strong understanding of my VOICE, my message, my brand, my vision and my vibe...I can start to look ahead, with confidence. (YAY!)

I'm looking forward to this marathon of content creation. (WHO AM I??)

I trust this vision completely.

I'm EXCITED to share it with the world.


  • If YOU are someone who still dances with feast or famine...
  • If YOU are still wondering WTF you really want to say or HOW you want to say it...
  • If YOU are inside of the exploration of your business model/plan/message/vision/goals

Know that it won't be that way forever, as long as you're committed to CONTINUING your exploration of you, your voice and your biz.

  • You can get ahead of the ball, eventually.
  • You can PLAN for success.
  • You can EXPECT everything to fall into place.

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It doesn't happen all at once...but IT DOES HAPPEN if you stick with it!

The reason I'm mentioned Straight Up (other than it being extremely helpful) is that the course will be re-vamped come Oct 1st and with that will DOUBLE in price.

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Stop playing catch-up and start planning to THRIVE!! 

I'm right there with ya.

Until next time...
~ J


Jenn Lederer