When A HELL YES Turns Into A HELL NO


Learning to listen to & trust your intuition is an incredible resource in decision making. 

When something is a HELL YES, I'm all in.

When something is a HELL NO, I graciously decline.

Easy, peasy. I'm a boundary-setting-BAD ASS these days.

But...what happens when the HELL YES turns into a HELL NO?

That thing/project/person/commitment that felt SO aligned not long ago is just...not it.

Whether this realization hits you like a ton of bricks or a gentle whisper from your Soul over time, once you hear it, there is only pain from this point forward if you choose to act like you didn't hear it. 

That's a really important thing to remember.

It's not the PIVOT that creates the pain...

It's the fear/avoidance of the pivot that leaves you moving through life misaligned. 

When our spine is out of alignment we hit up our favorite chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist to help us out...BECAUSE WE ARE IN PAIN!!!

When our Soul is out of alignment we do our best to "grin and bear it" because, well...we promised.

Remember 2 weeks ago when I proudly announced my new position as the VP of Events for NAWBO? Almost like it was yesterday? Cool.

Today I'm proudly announcing that I have decided to step down from said position. Yes, already.

Not because I don't believe in the organization. (I do, and remain a member)

Not because I CAN'T do everything that the role requires. (I've been doing these tasks in my own biz for nearly a decade)

Not because I had a plans to treat the board like a double-decker "hop on, hop off" bus ride from the beginning. (I had every intention to stay.)

I'm stepping down because the truth is, I bit off more than I can chew. Full stop.

  • YES, I can do everything needed to perfectly execute this position. 
  • YES, I can find a way to "fit it in" to my schedule.
  • YES, I can "put my priorities on hold just a bit".

At least that's what my Ego has been whispering in my ear ever since I realized this role was going to cost me.

It wasn't going to cost me a BIG, DRAMATIC opportunity.

It was going to cost me the little moments of NOTHINGNESS I have been working so diligently to create in my life.

The moments that we so often give away to others because...well...I wasn't really DOING anything.

It was going to cost me SPACE to create...to LIVE...to connect...to BE. (where EVERY worthwhile idea is birthed)

NOTHINGNESS is a hard thing for the Ego to get behind.

It likes to be "productive" -- and I'm realizing that I actually agree with the concept of "being productive" -- I just no longer agree with what my Ego thinks productivity looks like.

I wanted to share MY shift with you because THIS is one of the biggest reasons I see well-meaning, talented, Type-A creatives put their dreams on hold (accidentally or subconsciously) for YEARS at a time.

  • "I've just been so busy."
  • "I've been helping everyone else build their dreams."
  • "But I have exactly what they need to get it done...so I helped."

The more clear you get on what you want, the more the distractions will flow your way. As if the Universe is saying "Is it more important than this?" "How about THIS?" 

If you truly desire what you say you do, this is where you have to stand in the kind of integrity that can't be swayed by guilt, shame, people-pleasing, martyrdom or manipulation.

I could have stayed on this board and made it work -- but I'm done with packed calendars, anxiety attacks and forcing myself to "suck it up".

(and in case you're curious, NAWBO has been nothing but supportive and understanding about my decision, albeit being disappointed.)

YOU have the power to create your DREAM REALITY. 

It doesn't happen "one day" when "all of the ducks" are in whateverthefuckrow is gonna fix all of your problems. 

Your DREAM REALITY shows up when YOU prioritize it.

Each and every moment. 

Each and every decision.

Are you currently stuck inside of a HELL NO?

Consider this your invitation to change that...

The world won't end. Promise.

Until next time...
~ J

p.s. Keep scrolling to see ALL of the creations/projects/commitments that are currently requiring so much of my time, energy and devotion.

p.p.s. Seriously. Scan your life for the HELL NOs and get 'em out. k?


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