YOU are the force of nature in this equation


I'm claustrophobic AF.

The perception of being trapped, closed in or squeezed drives me crazy. (Good thing I don't live in a city with 8 million pe...) Annnnnyway.

The feeling of things closing in is a familiar one. Both because of my geographical location and because of my CONSTANT desire to grow + expand. (also because I dance with bouts of anxiety and that's always a fun way to create pressure, too.) cha-cha now, y'all.

Are YOU familiar with these sensations?

Does it feel like EVERY TIME you declare that things will be different, the world begins closing IN on you?

  • More challenges.
  • More inner demons to battle.
  • More inner monologues pointing out all the reasons you're not ready.
  • More discomfort.
  • More pressure.


Pressure is the misconception of GROWTH.

We perceive it as the world closing IN on US...when in actuality it is US expanding OUT on IT.
ya dig?

  • You made a declaration, right?
  • You said it was time to expand, right?
  • You know you're ready to take up more SPACE, right?
  • Your ACTIONS are aligning with something that doesn't FIT into your current landscape, right?

Sooooo...why is it that we get so surprised/scared/overwhelmed/victimized when we begin to feel the PRESSURE of our EXPANSION?

Mostly because our PERCEPTION of what's happening tells our system to FREAK OUT BECAUSE WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Sound dramatic? It is, and it isn't.

When you don't have the tools to help you step OUT of yourself and really see what's going on, it can seem like the only way to RELEASE the pressure is to back down. To cower. To "surrender" to the pressure.

There is a difference between surrendering and giving up.

In these moments of intense GROWTH. 

When you feel the walls of your current container pressing IN to you.

When it feels like the walls are literally caving IN.


That is how you surrender to what is TRULY going on.

The walls MUST come down, so you can expand OUT.

  • Stand strong.
  • Own your power.
  • Know that you have what it takes to move through this with EASE...


Pick up NEW tools.

  • Find support
  • Ask for help
  • Allow others to help you SEE where you (really) stand
  • Remember your STRENGTH
  • Breathe into the contractions
  • ok, now ACTUALLY trust...

Are your walls currently caving in?

Breathe and remember that YOU are the force of nature in this equation. 

Your strength is nothing to fear.

BE it.


EXPAND into it.


~ J

Jenn Lederer