#MogulMondays Every Entrepreneur Must Love This Above All Else

We’ve all got our “why” (as seen on IG on the daily)

The things that keep you going.
The person / place / idea that helps you get out of bed each day to fight the good fight.

But do you know the ONE thing every entrepreneur MUST learn to LOVE above all else?
It took me a while to TRULY align with this one (my Ego had a field day trying to convince me this was actually the LEAST important thing to focus on..)

Don’t let your Ego fool you for one more minute! Watch this week’s episode of Mogul Mondays and start your LOVE AFFAIR with true success immediately!

(is there a better way to start the week?) We think Not!


After you've watched, I'd love to hear from you!

  • Have you fallen in love with this yet?!

  • Have you pivoted in your business this year? If so, was it scary?! Did you LOVE it? (or pretend to love it until things unfolded and then you ACTUALLY started loving it ;)

  • Do you think there is a time or place when it’s better to “force” the plan?

There are so many tips & tricks for leading a happier, healthier, MORE-LAUGHTER-FILLED-LIFE and I hope this can be a place where Unicorns like YOU share their greatness.


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~ J

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