#MogulMondays The Power Of The Pause

This one goes out to the DO-er's in the land. The ones who like to "keep it moving" at all costs.

And while momentum IS important, there is also a lot of POWER in the pause...


After you've watched, I'd love to hear from you!

  • When’s the last time you ENJOYED a nice pause for the cause?

  • Have you ALWAYS trusted the stillness? Or did you have to work on it? (HINT: This is an on-going exercise here at JLP)

  • If you COULD go through life without ever “needing” to pause…would you?

There are so many tips & tricks for leading a happier, healthier, MORE-LAUGHTER-FILLED-LIFE and I hope this can be a place where Unicorns like YOU share their greatness.


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~ J

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Straight Up Moguls:

The Business Blueprint for Multi-hyphenate, Multi-passionate, sometimes Type-A Creative Entrepreneurs

A Straight Up Mogul is committed to the PROCESS of creation. And when you realize you’ve slipped into the old pattern of giving your power away to the result, to earning the ‘right’ to be successful, to proving that you’re ‘good enough’, you come back to YOUR Power Place.

A Straight Up Mogul understands that one’s Power Place is the source of EVERYTHING you desire. When you feel lost, when you’re filled with doubt, when you’re ready to quit, when you’ve isolated yourself, when you’re filled with fear...a Straight Up Mogul remembers the way through…

EVERYTHING you desire is already yours.

Just as soon as you remember your Power.
Just as soon as you TAKE IT back.
Just as soon as you allow yourself to SHINE.

A Straight Up Mogul knows that this business blueprint is designed for your voice, your leadership, your brilliance to guide you toward the most authentic and true expression of YOU the world has ever seen.

The world is YOURS.



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Jenn Lederer