Motivational Comedy?!

watch Jenn’s 2-minute Motivational Comedy Reel



#SHIFTYOURSELF is a night of LIVE music, comedy, art & transformation designed to help you SHIFT YOURSELF into a new space of BEING.

Jenn discusses why it’s impossible to “ruin” an appetite, the best time to test your reflexes and the side-effects of FOBJ

Jenn discusses the power of self awareness, Virgos and her mother’s ability to worry about the GOOD news.

Jenn discusses her masochistic relationship with the Universe & learning how to STOP over-extending herself.

#Shiftyourself Theme Song

Music by Robyn Charles
Lyrics by Robyn Charles and Jenn Lederer

Greenwich Comedy Club NYC

Ever wonder what it would be like growing up thinking some words used by your Dad ON A REGULAR BASIS are REAL words...only to find out they are NOT in fact words at the most inopportune time?!

Jenn shares THAT experience & more in this set from Greenwich Comedy Club NYC, 2019.

a night of conscious comedy @ standup ny

Jenn’s set was amazing. I laughed my ass off, learned something and left feeling motivated.
— Belinda Filippelli