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The Champagne Tour:
A Toast To Life

Motivational Comedian, Jenn Lederer, and author of the book “Inner Demons: Blazing A Path To Happiness”, Rahmaan Mwongozi are hittin' the road this fall for The Champagne Tour: A Toast To Life!

Life might not be perfect, but there is always a reason to celebrate! Through stand-up comedy, storytelling and group discussion we’ll explore love, the power of connection and why compassion is vital to appreciating life for all it has to offer.

This celebration is coming to San Francisco, New Orleans and New York City!

Tour Dates

Oct 17th


OCT 24th


NOV 14th


about jenn

Jenn Lederer is a NYC based Motivational Stand-Up Comedian + Leadership Strategist infusing comedy, heart, intuition and no b.s. business strategies that help her audiences laugh their way to a breakthrough and her clients build a business that encompasses ALL of who they are. Jenn is an esteemed, and frequently published, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a contributor to The Huffington Post Wellness section, and has had the privilege of shining her light on stages across America, including Yale and Google Headquarters in New York.


A motivational speaker and author of Inner Demons: Blazing A Path To Happiness, Rahmaan (Roc) Mwongozi teaches how to apply systems thinking to problems that arise in life as well as in business. He guides individuals not only on how to ask smart questions and follow the trail to solutions, but also on how to embody a “no excuses” attitude that manifests in excellence. Today an independent business analyst on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Roc cut his teeth on Fortune 500 corporations including Pfizer, Enron, and AT&T – where as an entry level employee in his early 20s, he solved systemic problems that had eluded management for years. His innovative approach to problem-solving, however, began as a young boy in East Oakland, where he was surrounded by poverty, gangs, violence, and drugs. Determined not to fall into the trappings of his environment, Roc followed the trail of possibility and opportunity, playing the long game and working hard. Now living the dream, Roc openly shares his story, as well as his thinking and strategy, with those who want something more from life.



What people are saying...

Jenn Lederer is the comedic embodiment of Ellen, Oprah and Wanda Sykes all rolled into one. A modern day Mrs. Maisel, Jenn plumbs both the humor and heart of the wellness industry, coaching, spiritual consciousness and living and loving in the dramatic backdrop of New York City.
— Marcy Clark
Jenn’s set was amazing. I laughed my ass off, learned something and left feeling motivated.
— Belinda Filippelli
I felt like the topic was focused on #RealTalk in a way that broke the social ice for things so many of us go through. Also, a lot of people think wellness is only waify, gentle, sweet and it’s just maddening. This event seemed to represent that what we are, where we are, who we are in real life, is ok. Someone else is most likely there too, negotiating between introversion or outlandish excellence.
— KahShanna Evans

Other fun stuff...

jenn takes to the streets of nyc

to promote her first show!