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Laugh Your Way To A Breakthrough:
A custom comedy hour for your company or community!

Not only is Jenn one of the most hilarious people I know, she rivals a fierce rock-star version of Chelsea Handler. Jenn’s message is one we all need to hear more often. By working on your inner-self you will be able to embrace all of the abundance the world has to offer.
— Geri Brown (Founder @ DreamHonor)


Let’s get to work!

Lead Your Team With Laughter

This 60-minute workshop will motivate your team to harness their leadership skills and work with more clarity, intention and purpose as a team.

I felt like the topic was focused on #RealTalk in a way that broke the social ice for things so many of us go through. Also, a lot of people think wellness is only waify, gentle, sweet and it’s just maddening. This event seemed to represent that what we are, where we are, who we are in real life, is ok. Someone else is most likely there too, negotiating between introversion or outlandish excellence.
— KahShanna Evans


Jenn’s keynote presentations:

It's Safe To Shine :
Why Darkness Is Your Greatest Invitation To Succeed

It's Not WHAT You Do, It's HOW You Do It :
The #1 Technique For Cutting Edge Leadership and Innovation In Any Industry

I was taken by the way she held the attention of over 65 women. Her presentation was well thought out and it flowed from one experience to the next. Her soulful presence helped the women connect with her and her message. Did I mention she made us laugh a ton while still bringing a load of depth??!
— Leora Edut (Founder @ Goddess On The Go)