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Jenn Lederer

Motivational Comedian


Jenn Lederer Is The Motivational Comedian

& Producer @ Jenn Lederer Productions [JLP]. Jenn’s signature brand of motivational comedy harnesses the power of laughter to help her audience laugh their way to a breakthrough.

JLP produces visually dynamic and engaging digital content designed to capture the truth in every story, mission and brand message. Jenn is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs cultivate their own unique power, perspective and impact on the world in whatever way they’re meant to be it and do it.

Jenn’s work has been featured by FORBES, Huffington Post, YALE, Google Headquarters, Inspiring Lives Magazine & comedy clubs around NYC.


Jenn is the comedic embodiment of Ellen, Oprah and Wanda Sykes all rolled into one. A Modern Day Mrs. Maisel.
— Marcy Clark (Founder of Clark PR)

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