Meet Jenn

Jenn Lederer is a NYC based Motivational Stand-Up Comedian + Leadership Coach infusing comedy, heart, intuition and no b.s. business strategies that help her audiences laugh their way to a breakthrough and her clients build a business that encompasses ALL of who they are. Jenn is an esteemed, and frequently published, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a contributor to The Huffington Post Wellness section, and has had the privilege of shining her light on stages across America, including Yale and Google Headquarters in New York.






Not only is Jenn one of the most hilarious people I know, she rivals a fierce rock-star version of Chelsea Handler. Jenn’s message is one we all need to hear more often. By working on your inner-self you will be able to embrace all of the abundance the world has to offer.
— Geri Brown (Founder @ DreamHonor)
I was taken by the way she held the attention of over 65 women. Her presentation was well thought out and it flowed from one experience to the next. Her soulful presence helped the women connect with her and her message. Did I mention she made us laugh a ton while still bringing a load of depth??!
— Leora Edut (Founder @ Goddess on the Go)
Jenn was precisely what I needed in order to see the light in me. She gave me the confidence I needed to find my true calling and release what I was trying to be. I laugh looking back. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to her, and like most of us we over think it, I’m forever happy I just bit the bullet and signed up.
— Cydyn Voicechovski (Co-Founder @ GOAL Traveler)

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just enough

~ now available ~

Just Enough, a short documentary by filmmaker Tricia Brouk featuring motivational comedian and leadership coach Jenn Lederer, tells the story of how Jenn is called to stand up and be seen in today’s world. Just Enough captures the intimate experience of Jenn choosing to shine her light while simultaneously reminding us of the power created when women come together in support of one another.