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This Is How We Mogul:


Lessons → Comedy

Do you like comedy and self-help?! Us too! JLP’s brand of “Motivational Comedy offers a new perspective on wellness, entrepreneurship, public speaking and the world of comedy alike.

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Content → Stories

JLP produces digital content for multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs (who don’t just want to be a “talking head” on-camera). Our signature system allows our clients to discover and communicate the through-line that connects all of your passions in a streamlined, visually dynamic and entertaining package.

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Entrepreneurs → Moguls

JLP’s 12-month Online Membership for Creative Entrepreneurs called “The Mogul Membership” is the perfect incubator for multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs seeking support, guidance and structure while still leaving space for a true creative process.

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Clients → Unicorns

It may look like all we ever do is laugh, and that would be an appropriate observation as laughter is top priority here at JLP. And, as it turns out, our clients still manage to create epic, world changing work in between the belly laughs.

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Laugh your way to a breakthrough.


What’s laughter got to do with it?

As the saying goes “It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true”.

And the truth is what I’m after.

Whether performing on stage, producing digital content for a client or teaching creative entrepreneurs how to harness their power, LAUGHTER is my way IN.

Laughter is one of our most untapped resources when it comes to creating CHANGE. You won’t change something if you don’t look at it…and often times the things that we want to change are also the things we don’t want to look at. Ah, yes. Being human is fun, ain’t it? (or at least funny ;)

Here at JLP the belief that you can “laugh your way to a breakthrough” is so much more than a tagline, it’s a way THROUGH this thing called life, business and creative expression.