a Mogul

A Motivational comedian

A leadership Strategist

Jenn Lederer’s professional evolution didn’t start with dreams of one day becoming a comedian. (what?!) Jenn had her eye on the Broadway stage and found her way to NYC in the summer of 2007 after earning her BA in Dance from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Comedy was nowhere on the radar back then. Flash forward to today and here we are, introducing you to a Motivational Comedian with an uncanny ability to make an entire audience shift themselves without warning. It’s not nearly as messy as it might sound, but it is a truly unforgettable experience.

Turns out, the entertainment industry isn’t all bright lights and supportive characters. (surprise!)

Jenn took some time (read: 7 years) to do anything BUT get on the stage. In hindsight, the stage was never too far, almost as if Jenn’s true dream was waiting in the wings all along.

Jenn’s anything-but-the-stage job experiences include:

  • Singing waitress at Ellen’s Stardust Diner (spending the first 8 months in NYC working at a restaurant that is technically on Broadway)

  • Selling comedy tickets on the street for NYC comedy club (spending nearly every night in the back of a comedy club – observing.)

  • Running a talent management company (learning the ins and outs of the “other side” of the industry. Learning the ‘rules’…and how to bend them. Getting closer to the stage while keeping a safe distance) FUN FACT: This opportunity came about after Jenn unsuccessfully pitched a guy some comedy tickets. He didn’t like comedy, but he did have a friend with a management company that needed help.

  • Leading workshops for actors (coming back to the “stage”, but it was in service of helping others shine, so it wasn’t performing, technically?)

  • Coaching actors and entrepreneurs to develop business and mindset strategies for SUCCESS! (this is where things started to get a bit more obvious…)

If Jenn could teach OTHER performers how to step into the spotlight while owning their POWER, maybe Jenn could get back on that stage, too?!?!

Except this time, it would be on her terms.


Motivational Comedy, Leadership and the total integration of Jenn.