JUNE 19th (nyc)

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DATE: Wednesday June 19th
TIME: 6:00 - 10:00pm
LOCATION: New York Open Center

VitaminR’s VisionWorking Series: Laughing Through Tears: Use Comedy To Magnetize Your Message

Laughter is hailed as “the best medicine” which is why it makes perfect sense for healers and wellness practitioners to incorporate this potent medicine into their message. If you’re ready to dry those tears of anxiety that your message will never reach the masses, this workshop is for you! Come learn why “I’m not funny” is just a myth you’ve been telling yourself. Discover how to access the humor in any message and utilize it for optimal reach and impact. You will learn the subconscious ways that comedy helps connect you to your audience and the science behind what makes laughter so effective.  Experience it in action with Jenn’s Motivational Stand Up and laugh your way to a breakthrough!  You will leave this workshop with a new connection to this ancient medicine known as laughter, and the tools to maximize your message and attract soulmate clients!

“Not only is Jenn one of the most hilarious people I know, she rivals a fierce rock-star version of Chelsea Handler. Jenn’s message is one we all need to hear more often. By working on your inner-self you will be able to embrace all of the abundance the world has to offer.” 

— Geri Brown (Founder @ DreamHonor) 


“a lot of people think wellness is only waify, gentle, sweet and it’s just maddening. This event seemed to represent that what we are, where we are, who we are in real life, is ok. Someone else is most likely there too, negotiating between introversion or outlandish excellence.”

— KahShanna Evans (Founder @ KissingLions PR)